Modern Muse: Two Minutes with Andi Oliver

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Modern Muse: Two Minutes with Andi Oliver

Andi Oliver is our modern muse here at Rockcoco. The celebrity chief and TV personality has made fans a staple of her wardrobe. We were delighted when Andi took two minutes out of her busy schedule to talk to us about her love of fans.

Rockcoco: What do you love most about fans?

Andi Oliver: My love is two fold! haha! firstly i NEED one because of my hormonal turmoil and the instant solution to hot flushes is of course a fan, but I want beauty and colour in my life wherever i can find it, so a gorgeous hand fan is perfect for me.  

Rockcoco: What would your dream fan look like?

Andi Oliver: Vivid colour and feathers! I love to watch a flamenco dancer work a stunning feather fan.

Rockcoco: Do you have a big fan collection?

Andi Oliver: Haha! YES! I have about 35-40 fans at LEAST that could be a modest estimate. I Can't help myself when I see one that I love buy it!

Rockcoco: When did you first start carrying a fan?

Andi Oliver: About 10 years ago.

Rockcoco: At Rockcoco we are on a mission to get fans into the hands of modern women like you, what would you say to a girlfriend to convince her to take up a fan?

Andi Oliver: Don't you want to feel fabulous? don't you want to feel magnificent? Separate yourself from the crowd, fans are the perfect way to finish a look!

' are the perfect way to finish a look!', we couldn't agree more, what a lovely note to end our chat on!

A huge thank you to Andi for giving us an insight into her love of fans, we look forward to seeing Andi working the feathered fan of her dreams in the near future!