Rockcoco Fans - The Finest Materials

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Rockcoco Fans - The Finest Materials

Make the Finest Fans

Rockcoco hand fans are defined by grace, attention to detail, and the finest materials. Think delicate Chantilly lace, breath-soft silk, and luxury cotton for the fan fabric. Then add ethically sourced mother of pearl and exotic hardwoods, indulgent ostrich plumes, and gems from bespoke jewellers. This is a whole other level in the world of fans.

Superb materials receive the care and respect they deserve from craftspeople with a passion for quality and an eye for exquisite detail. Sisters Denise Frankel and Janis Sher have gone to immense lengths to find fan experts who share their dedication to creating the highest quality fans, working with artisans from Spain, as well as quality British companies such as the heritage London Jewellers Augustine Jewels.

White Delicate Lace Hand Fan

Rockcoco Woods

The woods that go into the frames of a Rockcoco fan are as rich and exotic as the history of the fan itself. The night-dark glow of ebony, the polished sheen of Sipo and Dante, the light tones of Haya or Roble—these are just some of the lustrous woods we use to create a Rockcoco fan. Palo Santo, a relative of frankincense and myrrh, is another favourite, as is the fine, birch-like grain of Abedul. ​Rockcoco Fabrics The fabric of your fan is an essential element. It must be sleek and strong enough to be fashioned into a work of art and painted by talented craftspeople. That’s why we use only the finest silks, silk/polyester mixes, Chantilly lace, and pure cotton to make a Rockcoco fan.

Ebony Wood Hand Fan

Other Materials

Mother of pearl comes from the inner shell casing of some molluscs and also forms the outer coating of pearls. We use only ethically sourced mother of pearl from the pearl oyster, freshwater pearl mussel, and the multi-hued abalone. We also use a high-quality plastic version of mother of pearl called Nacarena. Then there are all the other beautiful elements that make each Rockcoco fan unique. Fine gems from bespoke jewellers, ostrich feathers, and precious metals all go into the treasure chest of materials we use to create your perfect fan.

Mother of Pearl hand fan