The Language of the Hand Fan

Fashion accessory, language of fans -

The Language of the Hand Fan


Fashion accessory, work of art, cooling device—the fan has many faces. Learn the language of fans and you will have yet another use for your beautiful Rockcoco fan. The intricate codes associated with the handheld fan have adapted to changing times, but they certainly made a more romantic alternative to the smartphone.


Here’s how you can get your message across with a Rockcoco fan:


  • Close your fan and touch your ear with it: Give me a call

  • Circle the rim of your glass with the end of your closed fan: Buy me a drink

  • Place the tip of your closed fan on your cheek: I find you attractive

  • Touch your lips with the tip of your closed fans: Talk to me

  • Place the open fan against your lips: Kiss me

  • Show the back of your open fan and fan yourself slowly: Meet me outside

  • Place your open fan over your heart: I love you

  • Open your fan under your eyes: I’m shy, but I’m interested

  • Fan yourself rapidly, with the fan facing up: I am single

  • Fan yourself slowly, with the fan facing down: Sorry, but I am taken