The Story of Rockcoco - Reintroducing the Fan to the Modern Woman

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The Story of Rockcoco - Reintroducing the Fan to the Modern Woman

It is the dream of many to turn a passion into a business, and it’s a dream that came true for sisters Denise Frankel and Janis Sher. Having amassed a stunning collection of vintage and antique hand fans from across the world, Denise and Janis established Rockcoco - Purveyors of Fine Fans in 2014. They became the first luxury hand fan producers in London for almost a century, reviving the hand fan for the modern woman.

Limoges brown cream hand fan

The business was born when the sisters failed to find any contemporary company capable of offering the kind of quality they saw in their collection of antique fans. The name Rockcoco embodied their product—classical and stylish, but with a modern, edgy twist. Now, Rockcoco is the go-to resource for modern women looking for an exquisite product to finish the perfect outfit. With their three fashion collections—Bridal, Bespoke, and Everyday—the sisters have raised the luxury accessory to a whole new level.

Densie and Janis Rockcoco Fans

For brides, Rockcoco offers a striking collection fashioned from the most exquisite materials. Think mother of pearl, Chantilly lace, and exotic plumes. To add the ultimate detail to the most stylish outfit, Rockcoco’s Bespoke service allows you to customise your own personal work of art, using the finest gems and precious materials. The Ready-to-Wear collection has something to turn any occasion into something special. The spotlight will turn on you when you carry your Rockcoco fan to the races, a wedding, or even a music festival. Once a must-have item in every fashionable woman’s wardrobe, the fan is poised once again to become the staple of the stylish woman—thanks to Rockcoco.

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